To train and empower opera professionals to excel artistically, personally and professionally, and to develop new audiences through innovative alternatives to traditional opera productions.


It is not only what we teach that has garnered such acclaim, but also how we teach at OperaWorks. The empirical results of a two-year psychological study of the effects of this type of training on participants demonstrated that "the training provided at OperaWorks enhanced optimal performance and increased self-esteem, while decreasing shame, trait perfectionism, and anxiety." [read more]


OperaWorks founder Ann Baltz became aware of a void in singers’ preparation working in many professional capacities with opera companies and apprentice programs: singers were being asked to do things as singing-actors they had not been taught how to do.


OperaWorks began as two-week summer programs in Tampa and Pittsburgh 1987-89 with a core curriculum of Performance Techniques, Musical Improvisation, Alexander Technique, and individual coachings. Following a 1990 winter program in Phoenix, OperaWorks moved to Los Angeles as a three-week program at California State University, Northridge where the programs were in residence since 1990.  OperaWorks' national workshops began in 1997 in New York City. 


In 1998, the summer program in Los Angeles expanded to a four-week Advanced Artist Program, added a two-week Emerging Artist Program in 2003 and a Voice Teacher Program in 2008. A two-week Winter Intensive Program was added in 2013, and in 2018 a Teacher Certification Program. The training continues on through Ann Baltz and faculty members. 


More than 2,000 singers, voice teachers, coaches, directors and conductors have graduated from OperaWorks' intensive programs, and hundreds more from our national workshops. More than 70% of our alumni are active in the Arts as performers, teachers, and arts administrators. 

 1987-88 OperaWorks programs in Tampa & Pittsburgh

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