What is happening to OperaWorks?

After decades at the helm of OperaWorks, Founder and Artistic Director Ann Baltz informed the Board of Directors in December 2017 of her intention to leave the position as Artistic Director of OperaWorks, effective August 15, 2018.  The Board reluctantly accepted her resignation but fully supports her desire to continue her valuable work nurturing talent and envisioning new ways to use the performing arts towards a healthier and gentler society.


Is OperaWorks shutting down?

After long discussion and much thought, the Board has decided that OperaWorks will cease all programming activities in order to allow Founder Ann Baltz to pursue other creative opportunities.

Will the Teacher Certification Program continue?

This is an area the Board and Ann are discussing. The Teacher Certification is very important to us, and we are looking into a way to continue this training.

Will OperaWorks continue in some other format?

The board is currently evaluating options for the future. It is hard to imagine OperaWorks without the vision and administrative expertise of Ann Baltz, but we will continue to explore creative and educational possibilities.

Is there any way one can access the OperaWorks philosophies and methods now that the intensive programs have been suspended?


(1) OperaWorks’ teaching cards are now available at www.annbaltz.com/shop 

(2) OperaWorks faculty may be engaged, individually or in groups, for master classes and workshops.

(3) Ann Baltz will continue her active schedule of residencies and workshops, writing articles and books to document her extraordinary teaching and experience. www.annbaltz.com


How will these changes affect the OperaWork alumni?

The ten international alumni chapters will continue their activities and communicate with each other and OperaWorks faculty through their Facebook groups.

Will the OperaWorks office remain open?

No, the OperaWorks office was closed August 15, 2018.  However, you can still reach us via email at contact@operaworks.org.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Email us at contact@operaworks.org